PART I - Chat
1. Use common sense!
2. Respect All Players!
3. Obey the Staffs!
4. Do not Spam! (Warn)
5. Do not Advertise other Server! (Warn)
6. Do not Curse! (Warn)
7. Do not Flame! (Warn)
8. Do not Ask for Items, Ranks or Op! (Warn)

PART II - Aesthetics
1. Keep the Wilderness Clean
2. Do not Build or Create a Mess. Such as Lava Wall, 1x1 Towers, 1x1 Holes, etc. (Warn)

PART III - Gameplay
1. Do not Grief other players Property! (Warn)
2. Do not Steal other players Property! (Warn)
3. Do not Hack or use Xray! (Ban)
4. Do not create Lag Machine such as Oversize Redstone Contraptions or Oversize Mob Grinders! (Warn)

3 Warnings means Ban. No Ban Appeal.

Last Update: 15.02.2021